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3 Common Problems Before HPAT & Their Solutions

Taking HPAT might seem like a big deal to many of you, probably because for the first time you are competing at a national level, against so many students all over the nation. The examination pressure might at times get to your nerves and give rise to several problems. Although they are temporary, they might completely ruin all your hard work and efforts. However, there is nothing to worry, as these common problems are easily resolved. The 3 most common problems that test-takers face before the examination are:

1. Tendency of over sleeping

This mainly happens due to exam pressure and is an overt sign of a fatigued mind, which is quite a natural phenomenon before the examination. However, that can also consume a lot of valuable time and yield an unproductive day.


If you think that over sleeping is taking a toll on your HPAT test preparation, then make an effort to set at least two alarms to wake you up on time. Your parents might also come to your rescue.

2. Stomach Ache Before the Examination

This is also a result of anxiety. You might not feel so uncomfortable on a regular day. However, you must have noticed that this problem mainly arises before a stressful situation, and HPAT may be one of them.


Stomach ache can be handled by keeping a track on what you eat. Make sure that you avoid eating any food that is not compatible with your physical constitution.

3. Getting Cold and Sweaty Hands

Anxiety, once again, leads to this situation. Your hands might apparently seem numb at that time and movements might seem difficult. This is because our muscles tend to contract slowly when they are cold. Nevertheless, these problems can be very easily solved, if you take HPAT examination as just another challenge and a short phase that would pass by within a wink of an eye.


While solving HPAT test papers, make sure that you keep on warming up your hands either by rubbing them, or by touching some warm object near you. This would minimize the possibility of getting cold and sweaty hands.

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