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3 Common Problems Before HPAT & Their Solutions

Taking HPAT might seem like a big deal to many of you, probably because for the first time you are competing…Read More

Profile PhotoadminNov 16,13

How to Use 3-2 Rule in Non Verbal Reasoning

Why Middle of Sequence questions seem tough. If you’re taking HPAT this year and you took a stab at HPAT practice…Read More

Profile PhotoadminOct 30,13

Questioning the Impact of HPAT in Candidate Selection

The HPAT has been under great scrutiny since is inception. Lately, a flurry of discussions has emerged as students, schools…Read More

Profile PhotoadminFeb 20,13

In the Pursuit of Medicine – Length of Training

If you have considered medicine as your course of study, then you may already be aware of the time commitment…Read More

Profile PhotoadminFeb 20,13

Which is the Right School for You – Programs to Enhance Your Educational Experience

Are you trying to decide on which medical school to attend?  The cost of tuition and services available on campus…Read More

Profile PhotoadminJan 11,13

Are there too many students in medical school?

With the need to train hundreds of potential medical students a year many Australian hospitals are starting to express concern…Read More

Profile PhotoadminJan 4,13
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