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HPAT Test: Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving Section

The HPAT is comprised of three sections, two of which are multiple-choice and one written.  Section 1 of the HPAT is Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving.  This section contains 44 multiple-choice questions and you are given 65 minutes to complete it.  Each question will either be a short written passage or a graphical representation of information, followed by 4 to 5 multiple choice questions about the presented material.

The material presented may not necessarily be medical or science-based.  It can cover a wide range of various topics.  The goal of this section is to test the candidate’s ability to comprehend information, use logic to assess and formulate solutions based on facts, identify possible missing information and hypothesise.

How do you prepare for this?  Well, given the testing time constraint, you should become comfortable with this type of question and you should possess the skills necessary to quickly and efficiently digest and evaluate the information given, parsing through it to extract what is needed to answer each question.  And, you have to do this in less than two minutes per question, if you are to finish this section on time.  Each section is timed separately, so efficiency is crucial.

What is the purpose of this section?  Its aim is to measure how well you can quickly evaluate information, process it and make a deduction based on your understanding of the information, some of the many essential qualities expected of a medical professional.  This section also forces you to show this quality under pressure, which is another reality in medicine.

Preparation for this section will require much practise, as it is not based on coursework material, but your ability to think and solve.


January 2, 2013

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