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The course was very comprehensive. What I found most useful were all the practice tests. It gave me more confidence on the real day. I ended up printing out the tests (even the computer one) and doing them as paper tests. I also appreciated the essay checking services – extremely detailed feedback and fair marking.


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PrepGenie is one of the leading companies that provides high quality Test papers and Practice Papers to the GAMSAT, UMAT, UKCAT, PCAT, HPAT and LNAT aspiring candidates.
PrepGenie has been helping for 10 years with over 8000 students, 156 tutors and 17 University professors.
All those who have relied, have regarded PrepGenie as one of the most sincere and qualitatively dependable tutorials. PrepGenie consistently strive to provide meticulous individual care to each and every student who approach. Perhaps that is one of the reasons that attributes to PrepGenie’s pride for shaping the medical career of several aspiring medical students in Australia, New Zealand, UK and the other nations across the world!

Having helped students the world over to achieve their dreams, we are here now to fulfil yours and guide through your journey to becoming a healthcare professional.

How much our students score on average in HPAT

90% of our students score more than 70 on each section


Logical Reasoning and Problem Solving


Interpersonal Understanding


Non-Verbal Reasoning


How much our students score on average in GAMSAT

90% of our students score more than 70 on each section

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Reasoning in Humanities and Social Sciences


Written Communication


Reasoning in Biological and Physical Sciences


What our students say

The Mega Essay Series is a fantastic way to prepare for Section II of Gamsat. The markers are excellent and provide really helpful feedback throughout the process. If you have any queries they answer promptly and are very supportive. I would highly recommend this series.


Just thought I’d let you know that I received a mark of 77! I’m absolutely stoked with the result! Your essay marking service definitely helped me to achieve a 72 in Section II, and a huge thank you to Naiwrita, her mentored both my writing and my wellbeing throughout.


The videos are great and really helpful. It’s easy to access but it would be great if there was like a sub-link to the question where is is those questions mixed up multiple choice so that I would not be tempted to view the solutions. But other than that its really good.


Regarding the papers I bought, I found that the course of the questions were largely similar for section A and C. However for section B, I personally found that the themes in the actual GAMSAT were much easier to locate. The comments given in the question did not quote a speaker or writer, and it let me better integrate the comments in my essay. Overall I felt that the course closely modelled the GAMSAT papers. I hope this feedback helps somewhat. I apologise for not divulging too much about the test questions, for legal reasons. All the best to your team and I look forward to see more accurate papers from you.


The quizzes and sample exams were great though especially the printed ones mailed to home, their level was higher than the acer ones but that’s a good thing because it meant we were able to complete the acer practice ones and go on to complete harder examples, also the explanations in the answers are great and spot on! They’re very detailed unlike other papers prepared by other programs so keep that because it made things immensely helpful knowing you could complete the papers and fully understand the qns after. I also loved that we got swift responses to our emails and concerns, it felt good to know you had that support 24/7 when you needed it 🙂


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